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Brother Danny David McFeely

Brother Danny David McFeely
Born - Massachusetts, 1896
Job - Reverend / Brother
Died - 1971 aged 75

Brother Danny grew up in Massachusetts. He was a lonely old sole, and enjoyed nothing more than decapitating frogs. Until one day, Reverend Nicklin of Massachusetts, caught him doing this and decided enough was enough! Reverend Nicklin made sure Danny attended Church every Sunday. Brother Danny was easily bored. He needed to find a novel way to attract him to the Holy Church. So he decided to visit an old worn and torn book shop to find a 'easy to read Bible.' He left the shop with a Bible, it was a pop up edition! When he got to the Adam and Eve section he could not believe his eyes! Anyhow this gave him the 'umphness' he felt was needed to join the Church. He served 50 years in the same church in Massachusetts. He then died.

Brother Danny David Mcfeely was released from hell. Lucifer has made a deal with God - if Brother Danny can spread the word of the Bible across England, he just might be able to go to heaven, to join his wife Fanny.

His first sermon saw a group of 70 potential Christians show up at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton. Brother Danny covered the subject of 'High Maintenance' and looked at the reasoning behind why Jesus Christ was led to Jerusalem for his resurrection on an ass! He also healed the 'little man' and stating that there weren't enough people in the audience to heal the 'little mans' uglyness! All this and he tested the audiences singing skills with 'If your happy and you know it...' and then letting them sing the advanced hymn 'Sing Hossana.'He was also onstage with a rather groovy bunch of Comedians, Raving Loonies, check us out - youtube.com/ravingloonies

At the end of the Sermon, he had a very short interview:

Interview: How are you feeling Brother Danny?

Brother Danny: I can't believe I'm in Wolver-mer-hampton!!!

End of Interview.

Brother Danny has not been seen since. He still believed to be in Wolverhampton. Somebody thought they had spoted him in Kebab Rush last night escaping the torture of Halloween. He maybe back soon. If you do spot him please post a message on the wall. We're all praying for his safety. He's probably having a wild weeked in Bognor. I'll keep you posted of future Sermons!