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If you are interested in booking or hiring any of the comedians that are featured on this website please email me at mullaney3@blueyonder.co.uk and I will be happy to pass on your enquiry.


Glen Maney

Born in London, England on the 13th October 1964, Glen attended Sir Walter St. Johns Grammar school, in Battersea, London, followed by Cedars Upper school in Leighton Buzzard. It was here that a talent for writing and drama was highlighted. He achieved top grades at A-level English and he thought about pursuing a career in journalism via University. Having thought about it, he dropped out of school and attempted to play professional football with Northampton Town. This proved to be possibly the worst mistake ever made and he never played a first team game!

He has been performing stand-up since March 1999. In this time, he has performed almost two hundred gigs, including venues such as The Comedy Store, The Comedy Café and the Comedy Cellar in Dublin during his recent tour of Ireland. He has performed on the same bill as the likes of Lee Hurst, Paul Tonkinson, Lee Mack, Daniel Kitson, Terry Alderton, Ricky Grover, Jo Jo Smith, Ross Noble and Mike Wilmot. At a recent gig at the Chuckle club, his fifteen minute spot went down brilliantly with the audience and Glen was thrilled that one of his current comedy idols, Lee Mack, took the time out to tell Glen, how funny he thought his act was.

Glen recently took part in a new act night at Jongleurs in Portsmouth, which was again met with a good response by audience and organisers alike. Look out for Glen appearing at Jongleurs venues in 2002.

He started stand up, purely by accident, when a blue comic, failed to turn up at a pub stag night. Glen compered the evening and the rest is history. He continued doing stag nights for various agencies, which paid the bills and allowed him to acquire the necessary skills, required to deal with hecklers. However, he felt unfulfilled, so he started to write his own material and tried the alternative comedy stage. A decision that he has never regretted.

Glen has also been master of ceremonies at his own club, Up the Axe, in Bedfordshire, which regularly draws over a hundred strong crowds, to see new local talent and comics from the London circuit.

One of his characters, 'The Really Naked Chef' was recently highlighted on the Rapido T.V. show, 'TALENT' and there are plans for this character to do something on their official web site.

Along with every other stand up in the country, Glen has written a sitcom, which has been returned by Channel 4 for some format changes, but they are extremely interested in the concept and his writing style. The subject is a conman claiming to be psychic and at this stage, the project is called 'Medium Mare'. Glen hopes that this will be commissioned, the early signs are promising.

His literary agent is currently negotiating with a production company to bring a black comedy, called "Tears of a Clown" that he wrote last year, to mainline television.

Glen had a successful one man show at The Holyrood Tavern during the Edinburgh Festival in 2002 called "Glen Maney on the Meaning of Life, Relationships and Lots of Sex". It mixed stand up, variety and some video sketches that he's written and was a year in the planning.

Glen continues to attend acting classes at seminars, such as the New actors workshop and such places, as he feels that any stage time and different perspective, can only enhance his performance as a stand up. He now has an equity card and is looking for more acting roles, having done many low budget productions for both t.v. and radio.

Glen is available for bookings of up to forty minutes, in alternative comedy environments or for Stag work, in which sector he can go on for hours. He is also a masterly M.C.

He can also arrange an entire comedy evening, booking acts, publicising the event, or part organise, depending on your budget and requirements.

He is also available for acting work and any specific comedy writing projects that you may have. He can write to any specific specifications.



BBC RADIO LONDON - "Very funny material"

HARVEY OLIVER (Jongleurs regular) - "Great stuff, very funny geezer"

Glen Maney is the funniest man on earth - Toilet cleaner at the Windsor Castle pub, Wandsworth