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Victoria Elizabeth
(sometimes known as Princess Victoria Elizabeth)

Glamour, wit and comedy from a unique performer who can be relied on to add some extra sparkle and glamour to the evening.

Victoria is a Stand Up Comedienne and a Comedy Magician moulded together to form an almost perfectly human, comedy entertainment specimen. 

Victoria's act is clean, there's no naughty language in it. But she can use naughty language too if you pay her extra.

Victoria is both a stand-up comedienne and comedy magician.She performs 2 acts - stand up, gag based comedy, and proper magic with comedy.

Victoria has been performing magic since she was a child. She began performing it seriously as a comedy magic act since 2007. She began performing stand up comedy without magic in 2012. However she prefers to mix the two.  She performs a set of stand up comedy that segways into some comedy magic to finish off. She can also perform a set that features just comedy magic. Or a stand up comedy set that doesn't include any magic. So you can take her three different ways.

Victoria is based in London, England, UK, Earth. She performs stand up comedy and comedy magic in London and mainly in places she can get to using her Bus Pass.
She has performed comedy magic on stage at Madame Jojo's, Battersea Barge, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the Theatre Royal Stratford, Jermyn Street Theatre, The Torriano Comedy Club, Lloyd Park Theatre Walthamstow, Chingford Assembly Hall, Mountfitchet Castle, Battersea Music Hall And Mess, The Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel, Laughing Horse Comedy around London, 'Morden Arms' in Greenwich, Hanley Swan in Worcestershire, along with many other places around London and Essex. She was also featured in London Underground's Art On The Underground film 'The Stratford Gaff' performing comedy and magic.
She's performed stand up comedy alone without magic at 'Up The Creek' comedy club in Greenwich, 'the Bull' in Braintree, 'Oh So Funny' at the North Star in Leytonstone, the 'Sun Inn' in Covent Garden, 'The Star Hotel' in Nairn, Scotland.

Television and Theatre:
Victoria has made people laugh on
- Dom Joly's The Complainers
- ITV1's Supersize Kids
- Pantomimes in East London for 8 years.
Acting in theatre for 10 years and a little bit of writing and directing.

Victoria is a natural blonde with a modelesque figure of 44, 26, 32. She can read and write and make a nice cup of tea (but not all at the same time unfortunately).

What randomly selected people wrote about her:

"Jar Spoon Spoon Jar...But surely, this is the lost love child of Tommy Cooper!"
Frances, London 2009.

"Well done Princess Victoria, you were brilliant."
Glen 'Lenny' Sherman, Stand Up Comedian and Compere.

"And then a proper entertainer, that was the bee's knees! You rock!" Angel D, Ashford, Kent.

'You really went down a storm  and I had a lot of people asking if you were going to return, we would love to see you for the next show '
Mark - Show Director, Greenwich, London, 20th April 2012.

'Virgin atlantic pure business class' Sharon Veil, Romford.

'Absolutely fab' Gina Ferrel, Manchester

'Glamour with a cheeky twist - and a twinkle in her eye!' Kirsty, Oxfordshire.

'Really good-looking and frankly convincing'  Dom Joly, The Independent, Monday 14th April 2008.

Wikipedia describes Victoria as
"a transgender transsexual trans woman woman from London known as a Magician and Stand Up Comedian."