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Steve Peters
I have gigged as a stand up at the Fringe Bar in Brighton 3 times the Prince Albert in Brighton twice the Komedia in Brighton. Also at the Namasca bar in Eastbourne and the Blue Bar in Eastbourne twice and many private gigs's for local punk band shows in Brighton and friends parties.


" Steve Peters like a young Bob Dylan brought us something old something new and some of the filthiest one liners this side of Graham Norton in a short but packed set." The virtual Brighton magazine Nov 2004.
"He has a bitter steak that will probably help him make it big in this industry" Jim Grant OI OI comedy Brighton and Eastbourne.

" A shockingly harsh and hilarious reality check for every one who see's him he made me question myself and all the people that tell me how I should be while making me piss my self laughing" Tim Herring lead singer and guitarist of Afterbirth

Steve peters is a comedian and social critic who is not afraid to take on any subject every thing is up for ridicule in his eye's music, sexuality, religion, rapists, politics, the dietary industry and relationships. Steve has been in the past likened to comedians like Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, Denis Leary, Bill Hicks (Steve did not like being compared to bill hicks as Steve said "bill hicks thought Steve Vai sucked and Jimi Hendrix was a genius where as I think Steve Vai is a genius and Jimi Hendrix sucked"), Ben Elton and Mark Thomas. His views on music are very harsh including a hilarious bit about Simon Cowel selling his soul to Satan. He is not afraid to question people's faith even if the government are saying he is not allowed to talk about it as he said in his act "what you call political correctness I call the rape of personal freedom political correctness is a contradiction in terms because if something is political then it is probably not fucking correct". Some of his act could be construed as being a little obscene such as when he is explaining that men will never understand women and vice versa " you know women can be odd I mean they will happily drink flora pro active but they won't let a man cum in their mouths". He is not afraid to challenge the audience's sensibilities and attitudes making them think my god did he just say that as he say's in his act "you know how most comedians will say something a bit sick then say something witty like I am seeking professional help not me the only thing I'm seeking is a good defence lawyer". He even had good original material about the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal that the Americans found themselves in "did you know that even after these picture became public George W Bush had the nerve to ask congress for an additional 23 billion dollars for the war effort I thought what are you spending it on George I think we can rule out any more digital cameras as it is you've got 10 roll of film waiting at the fallujha chemists your afraid to go and pick up". He is the sort of comedian that the people who get him really do get him and the people that don't get him really don't get him. But the overall message in his act is a message of the right to free speech and expression and personal free will it is a message of peace and love of the greater human conscious as is explained in the closing of his act "people think that buying a record once every 20 years or spending one day a year wearing a red nose and doing something wacky will change the world it won't throwing money at a problem and hoping it will go a way will not solve the problem. Money is not the problem there is enough money in the world to feed and clothe every human being on the planet. But there is one thing we can do that will solve all the worlds problems and it is something every human on the earth can do black or white male or female gay straight bi or transgender and it does not cost one single penny not one and it is simply this love one another then when we have done this we will see the truth that there is only one race the human race and then and only then with this revelation will we be able to truly live in a world of hope, peace and love thank you good night". As Steve say's "a comedian does not just have to tell jokes he has the perfect opportunity to make people question the wrong's in the world while still making them laugh just because of your job does not mean that you can't do something to make a difference there is no reason that comedy can not be a critique in fact that's what all good comedy is you just have to remember to be funny if not you just end up co hosting a channel four show with Jimmy Carr (Jimmy Carr a comedian for people who didn't get Bob Monkhouse)".