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Dylan Rhymer

"Who knew Canadians could be so funny?" - The Guardian

"Politically charged, brutally honest. Dylan Rhymer is changing the face of comedy" - The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, Canada)

"Fearless" - The Vancouver Courier

"A very entertaining comic with more to say than most. Rhymer has the ability to take a controversial topic, like abortion, make it funny, even silly at times and say something relevant. Unlike many Canadian comics his take on Canada vs America is not the usual pandering stuff and in fact quite critical of Canada." - The Serious Comedy Site

For 20 years Dylan Rhymer has delighted and challenged audiences all over the world with his intelligent, provocative and fast-paced brand of stand-up comedy.

He explores social issues, philosophy and current events through the lens of his own insecurities and stupid shortcomings in a way that everyone can relate to. He has a sharp and imaginative style that thrills audiences while encouraging them to think.

His eye for the ironic and taste for the absurd peppers his observations of the world which we go about our business. He is more than just funny; he is passionate and intelligent, thoughtful and provocative. His comedy is brutally honest and socially relevant. It goes straight for the jugular while nibbling on your earlobe. It thrives on the adage that every tool is weapon if you hold it right. Edgy, charming and hilarious, Dylan Rhymer is truly in a class of his own.

As well as the credits shown below Dylan is the creator and host of The Laugh Gallery, Vancouver's longest running comedy room which is credited with introducing alternative comedy to Vancouver. In the ten years since it has been running it has regularly featured Zach Galifianakis, Alan Cumming, Reggie Watts, Marc Maron, Eddie Pepitone, Glenn Wool and many more.

Dylan Rhymer's State of the Week, is a popular online political comedy blog and he is a regular contributer to RiotWire, Canada's most popular political comedy website.

He also created and performed the character Dick Hackney, obnoxious 80's stand-up comic, for the hugely popular video game Scarface: the World is Yours (Radical Games). Players can blow his head off with very large guns on a regular basis!

Dylan is currently in Canada recording a new DVD and CD but will be in the UK in 2015.

TV credits include:
. Comedy Now! 1-hour national TV special for CTV / The Comedy Network
. 1 hour special Dylan Rhymer: Deliverance / Live at the Waldorf
. CBC's The Debaters
. Psych (USA Network)
. The Dead Zone (Space Network)
. 1 hour special: Dylan Rhymer: I Don't Like Me, Either

Writing Credits:
- "Wheels of Justice"
- "The 888 Happy Lucky Golden All-Nite Market Television Telecast"
- "Aargh! It's The Mr Hell Show" (animation)
- "Ramikins" (animation)
- "The Verge" (CBC Radio)
- His pilot script "Mondopitch" placed as a finalist in Channel 4's Best New Sitcom competition

 Festival & Live Credits:
. Winner of The People's Champ of Comedy (Canada's largest comedy competition)

. Comedy Store
. Glee Club
. Jongleurs Comedy Clubs
. Up The Creek

. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
. Brighton Fringe Festival
. Bumbershoot Arts Festival
. Vancouver Comedy Festival
. Chicago Sketchfest
. World Urban Festival
. Newfoundland Screech WinterLaff Festival
. Hubcap Comedy Festival
. The Improv