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Jerry Sadowitz

"Often shocking, stand-up comedy's only genius... compelling, hilarious, unpredictable and unmissable...the funniest comedian in the country'

"Truly dangerous, gutsy, improvised comedy, the unrestrained Sadowitz in full flow is worth a hundred Harry Enfields' (Evening Standard)

"The most exciting act in town" (Metro)

There are plenty of comedians these days who are quick to emblazon the phrase "not for the easily offended" across their tour posters and live videos if they think it will help sales. But with Jerry Sadowitz the warning reaches whole new levels of importance. In fact, the warning should stick even if you are nigh-impossible to offend. Because, chances are, he'll still find a way.

This is no sales gimmick. It's simply the nature of the man and the style of his shows. There is little doubt about it, Jerry Sadowitz IS the world's most offensive comedian. Some may call him brave, others foolish, for his complete disregard and disdain for political correctness at a time when this approach is a positive career handicap, but he is nothing if not honest. Perhaps because of this, he has developed a cult following amongst the press and public alike, built on a mixture of reputation, word-of-mouth and his television success with The Pall Bearer's Revue (BBC2), The People vs. Jerry Sadowitz (Ch 5) and The Jerry Atrick Show (Ch 5).

Maybe audiences flock to see Sadowitz because they need some kind of anti-shamen figure to give vent to petty hatreds, frustration and bile on their behalf, or maybe it's because he is simply one of the most naturally gifted comedians in the country. Whatever the truth, the fact is that this is one of the few shows where you will witness a performer who is totally unfettered by careerist desires to say the right thing and not rock the boat. And that's what makes Sadowitz so exciting.

Add to this the fact that he is widely regarded as one of the best close-up magicians in the world today and the result is a show that has to be seen to be believed. For whether by sleight of hand or by the weight of his words, jaws will drop during the course of this hour. And rapturous applause will usually ensue.