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Malcolm Vella King

I am 34 years old. I was born at 23:35 on the 9th of April 1878 in Malta known as THE ROCK. I am the older brother of two considered to be the black sheep of the family due to my craziness. I lived in Belgium and I also in Leicester England. 

I have been working in the hospitality industry since I was 16 and it is where I get my characterization from meeting so many different people with different cultures, religions, ideas and craziness. For attending a 3 year course being the clown of the classroom I achieved a diploma in hospitality management. 

I have started my artistic career at the age of 25. A model friend who I met on a holiday with my mates in Tunisia. She held up my hand for support at my first audition, and have never stopped acting since then. This year I have also started my own drama company called Bright Entertainment.

I have a Certificate Trinity Guildhall advanced performance certificate individual acting skills 

Apart from acting I can speak English, Italian and French and I can speak English with various accents like Italian, Indian, French, Russian and German which I also use for various animation activities as I am an established local animator. It is actually quiet cool to pretend being a man from different countries and actually being believed.

I am a natural born comedian yet I am a very versatile actor having my face as my biggest asset as I can do many different facial expressions as you can see from the pictures. 

I am known as the Maltese Arlecchino as I have also performed Commedia Del Arte as Arlecchino locally and also abroad. Performed in Munich Germany and in Israel. I have also worked with directors coming from Germany, France, Spain, Australia and of course with established directors locally.

I am also on spotlight and I have an agent. His name is Peter Davis and the company is called DQ Management.

Now living in London my current projects is to find jobs as a professional actor. I am trying to live my dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. Whilst I am also doing an on line diploma in script writing.

Life is too short to be taken seriously. Comedy is the best medicine to get along the difficulties life has to offer. So putting a smile on people's face is my biggest reward.