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David Kirk Traylor as Mr. ZED

He has starred in 8 television series worldwide. He has done command performances for the Pope and the President of the United States. His television programs and live shows have been critically acclaimed on five continents. But where did it all begin?

Born in Indianapolis the third child in a family of four, David began his television career at the age of five and his professional stage career at the age of seven. As a boy he performed with the Royal Danish Ballet and studied the theater arts at The Actors & Writers Workshop. In his high school years he performed Shakespeare but his real passion was comedy, so he began his stand up career playing every college coffeehouse he could find. In his college years he continued his stand up career and had his own comedy radio program. In his junior year David won a scholarship to study abroad and set off for Rome Italy. This was a major turning point in both his life and his career. In a year he went from foreign student to television star.

"I was looking at Italy, and then, all of a sudden, Italy was looking at me" David recalls. It was there that he would develop his now famous "ZED" persona blending his comedy experience with his classical training. Since then he has appeared on television around the world. He has had several major hit television series in Italy. He has been on the Tonight show with Jay Leno in the U.S.. He has performed on Japanese, British, German, Spanish, Swiss, Canadian and Venezuelan Television. He has just finished five years of his own weekly program for the Orbit satellite television network, broadcasting to 25 countries worldwide. (Including North Africa and the Middle East.)

Then there are the live shows. A high brow theater program for "La Scala di Milano". Show tours of Italy. Comedy clubs in North America and Great Britain. He is a paid regular at the Comedy Store in Hollywood (along with Jim Carrey, Robin Willams & Richard Pryor). He has played Tahoe and Las Vegas, once hosting the Riviera casino's famous "Splash!" show. He has been a featured performer at the Chicago, Toronto and Hanover (Germany) comedy festivals. In the Middle East he has done shows for the Entertainment City amusement park in Kuwait and the Wonderland Water Park in Dubai, U.A.E. (In Arabic.) In Japan he wowed them at the Nikko Toyohashi resort hotel. (In Japanese.)

His success has been such an international phenomenon that he has been the subject of a special report on CNN.

"But man does not live by Zed alone" as David is fond of saying and so he finds time for straight acting and comedy writing. As a voice artist he's had a top 40 hit record in Europe. He's dubbed and voiced literally hundreds of films, cartoons, CD ROMs, and computer and arcade games. (Like Lucas Arts "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis".)

Dave is now once again based in Rome where he lives with his beautiful and charming Italian wife and his two beautiful and charming daughters.

"A sharp-eyed satire" The Toronto Sun

"A most original act... quite simply stunning." The Radio Times - London

"If this is what's on, I have to watch more television" Pope John Paul II

"Zed... always perfect..." Il Messaggero - Rome

"That Robot was trying to tell us something" The Wall Street Journal