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Laurence & Gus

Laurence and Gus is one of the most innovative and talked-about double-acts to emerge in recent years. They specialise in long-form sketches that go beyond the traditional limits of sketch comedy by adding narrative depth and pathos to their undoubted comedic skills.

In 2003, their debut Edinburgh Festival show 'A History of the World in Five and a Half Sketches' was a total sell-out and received rave reviews. The show was awarded the inaugural Dubble Award.

In 2004 Laurence & Gus returned to Edinburgh with 'Men In Love', which was a critically acclaimed hit and again a sell-out.
Both shows were directed by Joss Bennathan.

They have appeared together on Radio Four Live (Radio 4) and twice on Loose Ends (Radio 4) and they will be recording their own Radio 4 series, Laurence and Gus: Untold Stories in spring 2005.

Laurence Howarth is the multi award-winning writer of Dead Ringers (R4 and BBC2), The Sunday Format (R4) and Alistair McGowan's Big Impression (BBC1). The second series of his hit sitcom Rigor Mortis, starring Peter Davison, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 2004. Laurence also played Brother Cedric in Dark Ages on ITV and was in 2004, strange but true, the face of BBC Sport.

Gus Brown makes frequent appearances on TV in shows such as The All New
Harry Hill Show, Happiness, and Chambers. He's also to be found on Radio 4,
in Rigor Mortis.

Reviews for 'A History of the World in Five and a Half Sketches':

"Laurence and Gus smash through the constraints of the sketch show format. It's a collection of longer pieces so finely written and performed that out-and-out belly laughs co-exist with moments of real emotion".
Malcolm Hay, Time Out

"A perfect brew of intelligence, warmth and above all wit, with enough deliciously funny details to make it worth seeing twice".
Metro, ****

"Excellent. Go see before they get a TV show" - Three Weeks, *****

Reviews for 'Men in Love':

"This is the most focused, perfectly balanced, beautifully written and funniest double act you're likely to see, and not just in Edinburgh"
The Scotsman, ****

"Laurence Howarth and Gus Brown are comedy gods… the funniest, smartest, most acutely observant slice of comedy theatre you're likely to see" - Metro, *****

**** The Sunday Times