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Mike Wilmot

Mike will again be joining forces with RICH HALL when they record a 90 minute US Election Special for BBC4 this coming October. The show will look at all of the runners, riders, hyperbole and gaffes that have made up this years campaign. The show will be broadcast on BBC4 the night before the election itself. More info coming soon...

Mike Wilmott won last year's most prestigious Australian Comedy Award, The Barry Award for Most Outstanding Show, which comes with a prize of $3,000.

Mike commented on his win: "As a drunk, I don't normally get awards. I'd like to thank all my fellow nominees, because that seems to be the thing to do. But clearly I am the best. The evil regime of Ross Noble [last year's award-winner] is over. Let's go outside and tear down his posters.

The 6th Annual Barry Awards were held on Friday 18th April at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. They were judged by a panel of journalists and comedy industry representatives. The Barry Award is named in honour of Barry Humphries, Australian creator of Dame Edna Everage.

Mike's effortlessly funny style is a fast-paced, hard-hitting comedic look at everyday life. His comedy targets vary widely, from diets, kids and sex - to American-Canadian backbiting and his fondness for beer...

"The highlight was Mike Wilmot, a fast talking stand-up whose close-to-the-bone repertoire leaves the audience in a state of hilarity that most comedians can only dream of " - The Sunday Times

"The bear-like, gravel voiced Mile Wilmot fires keen reports from the front line of the sex wars. He sweats; he shambles; he swears. You'll cough, choke and chortle" - The Glasgow Herald