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Martin Soan

Martin is a gag artist, but not your run of the mill stand up comedian. He amuses and amazes with extraordinary use of everyday objects including U-bends , head gaskets and electronic drills.His unique style evokes genuine mirth and delight exercising all the laughter muscles from the belly, chest . throat and most prevailingly the head sending any audience away with a store of comic images which keeps them guffawing well into the middle of next week. A teenager Proffessor of Punch and Judy to an adolescent Mr Lunniverse . A young Time Out award winner and now middleaged Perrier Award winner nomminee. Martin discards his accolades and defies definition as anything else other than A master of Prop Comedy, Tommy Cooper on Acid ....His television appearances include:
Chris Tarrants OTT, Game for a Laugh, Black Adder, Cilla Black's Surprise! Surprise! Jools Holland's The Tube, David Frost Breakfast Telly and Johnathen Ross' Last Resort.

...Mad, Crazy, Zany, Silly - These all apply to Martin, who fills the stage with props, in his wild silly act. He has travelled the world, both as a solo, and as part of The Greatest Show On Legs... — Martin Evening

...Jean Cocteau meets Tom and Jerry... — Jonathan Ross

...The finest visual imagination I've seen from a comic... — Malcome Haye Time Out

...As a comedian Martin is a hit, as a performance artist he is exceptional, and as a quick-change artist he's a genius... — Chris Evans

...Tommy Cooper on acid... — The Face

...A total lack of any sense, rhyme, or reason to the extent that the insignificance of this show completely escaped me... The funniest thing I have ever seen! — Clive James

...What's he going to pull out next?... — Southwark News

...Quick Change as a 60's theatrical genre was developed for performers who couldn't act, dance or sing and who weren't particularly funny... — Brian Sewell excerpt from "Modern Theatre"

...Martin played a central role in the early development of alternative comedy... — Heidi Harrington

...He closed his set with the funniest and most alarming use of elastic bands I've been privileged to guffaw at... — Carol Sarler Sunday Times