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Frank Honeybone

Frank has been performing on the comedy circuit since the start of 2004. His relaxed, engaging style is coupled with a razor-sharp wit which makes his banter with audiences a joy to watch, whether as an MC or performing a set. No heckler has ever left one of Frank's gigs feeling insulted, just a bit silly.

He has delighted and outraged crowds across the country with his chats about Wales, women and cut-price sado-masochism. He has held audiences rapt as he talks openly and frankly about his family, religion, leaving home and his experiences with IVF, and audiences warm to him immediately.

Not afraid to stage-dive to embrace or kiss hecklers, he thrives on establishing an inclusive atmosphere at any gig he performs at, and is always happy for people to join in.

In addition to this, Frank's gift for impersonation and accents have marked him out as an able performer with the scope to deal with a wide variety of comedy audiences ranging from young urban crowds to more mature gatherings.

At the start of his comedy career Frank appeared in the final of the Laughing Horse New Act Competition 2004, and was a finalist at the London Comedy Festival 2004 New Act Competition and the FHM Holsten Pils New Act Competition 2004. He was also a So You Think You're Funny semi-finalist in 2004.

In 2005, he was the winner of the Home Nations Comedy Championship held at the Rib-Tickla Comedy Club in Havant, beating off strong opposition from his English, Irish and Scottish counterparts.

Over the past few years, Frank has established himself as a much in-demand MC at many venues nationwide, also securing residencies in both Cardiff and Reading. He has also proved himself on the corporate circuit, hosting events for HSBC, RCM and the BBC.

Frank has worked as a fishmonger, a fitter's mate, a barman and latterly as a director of a London-based investment management firm. He has a degree in theoretical physics and is fluent in French and Welsh.  As Frank has bases in both Camden and Cardiff, it gives him ample scope to work on the London circuit, and also venues further afield.

Frank rolls his own, likes the Times crossword and a stirred Martini, shaves using a cut-throat razor and is a member of one of the most brutal Turkish Baths in the East End. A skilled poker player, he makes regular appearances as a guest player on Sky Poker.

Currently Frank also works as part of a double act, called The Sweaty Egg, with Dan Mitchell, and they perform fortnightly at the comedy night they co-promote in The Hawaiian Bar in Cardiff.


"He has a slow, deliberate delivery with a rich Welsh gold accent which wieldingly delivers the comedy trove that it promises. His material is witty, warm and scathing and the audience lap this up. His timing keeps the audience hooked waiting for the killer lines which are uncompromisingly delivered. A seriously very funny guy." - Chortle Comedy Forum Review

"He has a nice presence on stage and is a consummate performer." Chortle Comedy Forum Review

"Beautiful raconteur style delivery, immaculately dressed and oozes warmth and charm. Very nice chap as well. Shows that shouting, swearing and mentioning Weapons of Mass Destruction aren't the only way to generate laughs." Chortle Comedy Forum Review

"Book him if he's available, you won't regret it." Chortle Comedy Forum Review

"He is a bastard. A funny bastard." Chortle Comedy Forum Review

"Well worth the effort to go and see him." Chortle Comedy Forum Review

"Lovely turn of phrase both on and off stage. Very jealous of the great big plopdonkey." Chortle Comedy Forum Review

"Frank is a tremendously funny man and an effortlessly charming compere with seemingly an endless supply of material. A top-notch comic...Frank Honeybone has developed into a subtle and engaging story teller...Hilarious! His gags are original and he always brings the audience into his world. This man will go far.....Saw him in Bath, very funny indeed. A good mix of material and a refreshing change in delivery style.....Very engaging and extremely funny..Frank is funny as fuck and can adapt to any audience with ease and his likeability allows him to get away with murder; it's all in the delivery." Frank's review page on Chortle

"Very, very funny. One to watch." The Stage

"Once again, the boy Honeybone played a blinder. His darting runs from the wing played havoc with the opposition and his defence-splitting balls were........... sorry, mixed my revies there.......although it actually fits quite well! Seriously, as we've come to expect, Frank was on top form. We are honoured to have him as our resident MC, and you'll be happy to know that the ink is barely dry on his signature on the contract to come back in September!" Gigglers Comedy Club