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Kriss Sprules
I'm fairly new on the scene as a 'full-time' comic, but on seeing my first gig the student newspaper at my university said I come 'from the same school of angry political and social vitriol as the likes of Hicks, Pryor and Carlin.' It never specifically said if I was any good though. But I'll take angry as a compliment.
I'm a twenty-three year old comedian, and have been doing sparse gigs fo the last five years get my feet wet and work on my act, largely performing open mics and hosting pub quizzes and talent contests. I'm based in the Oxford area and have a regular monthly headline gig at a local pub.
I can work a clean, 'family' set but it's not my strongest suit, as I'm at my funniest when I'm allowed to truly let loose and attack politicians, corporations, celebrities and anyone in the audience wearing a crap shirt. I say what I think, I don't much care about the consequences and strive to change the hearts and minds of the audience. I often say I'm trying to start a revolution, although that's not strictly true. If I can entertain and educate at the same time I'm happy.
I've never gotten in the door at a comedy club, per se, but have performed at various open mic nights and at the University of Teesside Student Union. I perform every month as the headline act, with two other local comedians, at the Black Horse public house in East Hanney, Oxfordshire.
Despite being at the bottom of the comedy ladder, I have experience as an actor. I have a supporting role in an independant movie, 'Confined' (Released March 09) and have appeared in musicals. I'm also an ex-professional wrestler, which many would argue is my funniest work to date. I was part of the 'G Team' on Sky One's three-series video games show 'Gamezville' and have worked as an extra on films including 'Spy Game' and 'Mean Machine.'
I also sideline as an author, screenwriter and film-maker and recently signed on to produce my first TV series and plan to release my first comedy album later this year.