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Cecilia Delatori

'hugely talented' The List

Cecilia Delatori is making a name for herself as a musical comedian who sings powerful protest songs about people who don't use coasters and leads sing-a-long information songs about cheese.

She has performed at professional London comedy clubs such as Oh So Funny and is a regular at Jonny the Fox Comedy Clubs all over town. She has performed nationally for clubs including Mirth Control, What the Frock in Bristol, Laughing Cows at the Frog and Bucket in Manchester and Glossop plus Wimbourne Comedy club in Dorset. For a full run at Edinburgh 2016 she performed in cabaret show Suburbaret and also appeared in and hosted Cabaret Nova at C Venue. She has hosted and performed several times for British spoken word giant Apples and Snakes.

An award winning writer she won a Scotsman Fringe First for her one-woman show 'Tonight I'm Entertaining Richard Gere' and also wrote and performed comic monologue 'Teresa' for the Inner Voices series on BBC Radio 4.

'furious precision....smart and quick and funny' Glasgow Herald

'inventive comic songs that blend astute observation and downright silliness' Three Weeks