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Andy Pandini

Andy Pandini is an experienced stand-up comedian, compere and musician. He has performed at most London comedy clubs, the Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury Theatre stage.

He has performed around the UK and Europe with comedian Ian Cognito since 1995, including producing and playing on his last two albums, "Fancy That" and "Wizer".

He was part of "Pay What You Like" at Edinburgh in 1998 with Ian Cognito and Ivor Dembina.

As a writer, his three submissions to "The Sitcom Trials" were all selected for performance, and received critical acclaim.

He is currently working on more TV and Radio projects, and will be playing the part of a spiteful dead queer in the dark comedy "Non-Scene" by Brian Fillis at the 2003 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Venue 81).

He is funny.