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Jon O'Donnell

Jon O'Donnell is a comedian, writer and raconteur from ...well, all over the place but currently residing in West London. Whilst it's fair to say that Jon has been doing stand up ever since he could stand up it is recently that he has leapt to the stage and trampled all over it with the vigour of an obese grape crusher.

Jon already has a number of number of high profile gigs under his belt including performing at the 550 seater Leicester Square Theatre with Dara O'Brien and Russell Howard. Jon's style is very much 'in your face' but you are never quite sure whether or not each punch is a fist or a kiss.  Jon isn't shy of sharing his opinions and delivers with manic intensity his views on everything from modern music to celebrity culture to pointlessness of the Gerbil. A very funny man.

Jon's Film and TV credits includes short films 'Snaps' (2005), 'Butterfly' (writing only - 2006), and TV work for Channel 5 with 'Comedy in the Recession' (2009).