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Daisy Connolly

Daisy Connolly started performing stand-up in May, 2004, and was the first female comic to win the Frog And Bucket's Beat The Frog Competition. (on only her second gig). Since then she has performed all over the UK, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kidderminster, Crewe, Preston, Nantwich, Tunbridge Wells, Stoke, Liverpool and various venues in Manchester, including compering The Women's Space at Manchester Pride 2005. An energetic and exuberant performer who encourages everyone to shrug off that overcoat of cool for a while, kick back, relax and just enjoy the laughs!

What others have said :-

"Ladies and Gentlemen, a star is fucking born…" MC Dan Nightingale, Beat The Frog, 17th May, 2004

"Absolutely Fantastic! Less than 15 gigs, and that's a rising star of the comedy circuit…" MC Ashley Frieze, Comedy Cave , Edinburgh , July - 2004

"One of the best things about Daisy is her seemingly random choice of targets ranging from Diet Coke through Internet companies to Harry Potter." Chris Judge, Manchester Comedy Forum

"Daisy Connolly had the misfortune to be drawn first out of the hat, but nevertheless had a sound gig. Her rants about diet coke and evidence to suggest Sir Cliff is a serial killer were delivered with passion and an excellent turn of phrase." Marissa Burgess, Judge for North West Comedian of the Year, 2004 (Review for Manchester Online, Sept. 2004)

"Daisy - Another stormer. A musically literate crowd instantly were on her side as she ripped into Shania Twain and Cliff Richard. Last night, not a wasted word, the set was incredibly tight and focused. They lapped it up." MC Mike Landers, Manchester Comedy Forum

"Good Stage presence, lovely dark material and some fantastic lines." Alan Anderson, Ha Ha Comedy, Scotland.

"Daisy - not seen her for ages and she's made huge strides while I wasn't looking. Totally engaged the crowd and pushed the envelope with some seriously mucky gags. The Barbie stuff is fantastic and the material unashamedly intelligent. " Tony Kinsella, Manchester Comedy Forum 2006