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KP Gilles

KP Gilles comes from a small fishing village just over the Scottish border and was kidnapped by the English and Anglosized against his will during a power cut in 1973. He has been writing comedy for nine years as a cheap alternative to psychoanalysis and begun doing stand up a little over a year ago.His stand up material is observational comedy motivated by his bizarre personal experience and one or two thing that piss him off.

KP Gilles has performed at:
· The Sheepwalk, London E11
· The Karamel Club, Wood Green, London
· Big 'T' Oot The Back, Glasgow
· Pat's Colostomy Party, Dumbarton
· Pop McCormick's Hoose, Kirkudbright

Other work includes writing and presenting a radio pilot and he is currently working on a sit-com with a writing partner.