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Supergirly are Aussie duo Louise Paul and Jai Simeone, who perform cheesey pop songs rewritten to playfully attack the pop acts in question. Louise's lyrics make pointed and often bitchy remarks commenting on the originality, singing and dancing skills of our pop stars... or rather the lack of. Physical comedy is also a major part of Supergirly's act. Their wacky, skimpy costumes, facial expressions, dancing and interaction between the two are all an integral part of Supergirly's comedy. The pair perform primarily in theatres and clubs, with shows more like a concert than a comedy in their presentation. However they are also seeping into the television arena, with their own sitcom and a talent show format already under their belts.

However, musical comedy in the UK is generally limited to one-offs among sketches by the likes of Victoria Wood or French and Saunders. In mainstream television comedy it doesn't really fit anywhere. So Supergirly, who do 70 minute shows of songs with a couple of sentences in between, have a bit of a challenge on their hands when it comes to moving beyond theatre. Victoria Wood had trouble when she first started in comedy as a musician because producers and agents didn't really know where to place her. Now the music aspects of her comedy have been reduced to segments as she's focused her writing elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how Supergirly evolve and whether any of their musical talents will be compromised for television success in the future.