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Harry Denford

Harry Denford is a real crowd pleaser, who can be seen headlining each week at Jongleurs venues all over the UK. On stage he is the full SAFFF London geezer, who invites us into his world,a world of stone cladding,gold sovereigns and where owning a holiday caravan in Essex is considered class.

Experience a journey with him as a virtual passenger in the comfort of a top of the range Ford Granada Ghia on the "G" plate of course, as you learn about why Lenor fabric softener is banned in the whole of 'Sarf' London and why he is the only pilot from that part of the world. In fact in real life Harry is a fully qualified commercial pilot and flew Boeing 737's before entering the world of standup.

Harry covers the subject of flying in his set, from the unique angle of the pilot. No one in aviation is missed as you discover why minicab drivers make good captains and just what the ground controller with those orange bats is actually saying.

Away from comedy, Harry has got the ultimate boys toy. A share in a Russian jet fighter. He also has a share in a more mundane flying machine, a Cessna 172 which he often uses to fly to gigs in.

Harry has also written numerous stage plays including the hit aviation comedy 'Club Class' which has now been seen at over 80 London and regional large scale theatres in the past four years and is still playing to packed audiences around the country.  He also wrote the 5* reviewed stage drama 'Joy Division' about Nazi sex slaves which is being made into film and the historical drama 'Rose without a Thorn' which opened at the famous Shakespeare's Rose Theatre in London.  He also write the Radio 4 play 'Five Miles High' and away from comedy spend most the time directing professional West End and Regional theatre productions with recent work seen at 'The Lowry' in Manchester and 'The Yvonne Arnauld Theatre' in Guildford.   He was also asked to direct the stage musical 'The Legion' about the plight of local pubs in Greenwich which was seen at the famous 'Up The Creek' comedy club in Greenwich.

He is also the voice in the Black box recordings used to train CAA air crash investigators for simulated plane crashes.

'A real crowd pleaser' - Chortle

'Not so much a show, more an event' - The Stage

'Eddie' the baddie in BBC2's Drama Series 'Switch' Series 1 and filming starts for series 2 soon.
ITV The Warehouse, stand up live,
Sky - the Dream Machine
C4 The Holiday Show
'Table 5' The Mad Frankie Fraiser story

'Lopkarkin' in 'The Cherry Orchard'  at The Wilde Theatre Bracknell
'Bottom' in 'Midsumers Night Dream' at Derby Playhouse
'Ugly Sister' in Panto at the Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks