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If you are interested in booking any of the comedians that are featured on this website please email me at mullaney3@blueyonder.co.uk and I will be happy to pass on your enquiry.


Arnie Kidden -The Scaffolder

Jobless due to the recession, lantern - jawed Scaffolder  turned stand - up comic Arnie Kidden  wisecracks his way through his (some would say rather skewed) thoughts on marriage, immigration, the economy, love, life and his time as a Gay Icon.  His humour, is one borne out of years of hard graft and laborious conditions of the shipyards and building sites of Great Britain.  After working cash in hand for the same firm for 16 years, Arnie has fallen on hard times after his boss replaced him with an Eastern European who works for 10p an hour.  Refusing to let life get him down, he turned to the comedy stage to feed his wife and seven children. While alright in the short term, there is only some much metal and plywood one family can eat so the stage beckoned.   With a mixture of “old school” joke telling and sharp observations, he takes a Northern look at the complexities of a modern life he doesn’t really understand.  He even has his own catchphrase, “I’m Arnie Kidden”, which he uses whenever he makes the mistake of saying something controversial or inappropriate. 
Working class to his bootstraps and with a motto of rude but never crude, his no nonsense Geordie outlook and silly stories, he’ll have you laughing long after he’s left the stage. While not blue, his humour is aimed at an adult audience and it is worth bearing this in mind when making a booking.  

What people are saying about Arnie:-
 “He should do well on stage, I’ve said for years his works a f***ing joke” – My old Supervisor
“Absolutely disgusting” – Concerned of Tunbridge Wells.
“We’d really like to know where he is too” – Northumbria Police
“Don’t go out during the day, you’ll frighten the bairns you ugly b*****d” – My old supervisor again