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A side-splitting shaman known as the Illuminatus of Comedy and Mr. FunnyBlackman – he is "ranney."

"ranney" has headlined internationally from Dublin's Comedy Cellar and London's The Comedy Store to New York's The Apollo. He was a member of the 2002 Edinburgh Fringe award-winning quintet that performed the smash hit The Bomb-itty of Errors at London's West End. With his provocative show Cufflinks and Jolly Ranchers for Dummies, "ranney" hit the international comedy scene at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he had memorable appearances at late night venues and an electric performance at Talk of the Fest hosted by comedy icon Paul Provenza of Showtime's The Green Room. A nominee for Best International Poet by London's Farrago Poetry Group, "ranney" he has mounted six one-man shows in the last decade and he is a co-founding member of The Unusual Suspects of Comedy: the Fearless Foursome, the stand-up comedy quartet that has ignited the Florida comedy scene in the last two years.

"Impeccable; he's a master of rhythms, of energy, of vocal dexterity, all artfully employed to compelling effect," says Steve Bennett of The United Kingdom's Comedy Chortle. "The way he uses language is unmatched...he passionately sets out his own world view, simultaneously apocalyptic and uplifting. It's complex, dizzying and cathartic, a universal theory attempting to make sense of all that's going on in the world."

"ranney"s comedy is a philosophical journey with surrealism, characters and musicality. "ranney" has moved beyond the run-of-the-mill obsession with provocation that pervades the world of comedy. Truly thinking for himself, he leads by example for his audience. The Illuminatus humorously builds a better world through expansion of consciousness. Life and death, parties and politics, sex and religion, nature and television, family and culture, the cosmos and the toilet, all collide as trivial thoughts, clichés, and funny observations are transformed into a revival, a birth ritual, and rent party rolled into one. It's hilarious, it's mind-blowing, it's "ranney."