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The international award-winning Olé is a Latin music comedy explosion which will have the audience laughing tears of excitement and dancing wildly in the aisles.

"A real treat, funny, unpredictable and spectacular!" DAILY TELEGRAPH

Paul Morocco and his "Amigos" are, without doubt, extremely skilled maniacs, their guitars full of fire, cheeks full of ping pong balls, and their musical souls full of songs. They entertain, amaze, and surprise with a truly mind-blowing fusion of rhythm, comedy, flamenco madness and fruit that is already a smash hit around the world.

"A thrilling show frequently reminiscent of watching some manic foreign film without subtitles" EVENING STANDARD

Olé has all the exhilarating sounds from the rhythms of flamenco to salsa, swing, blues, jazz and pop. Three Latin machos, full of fire, fight for their pride while playing, spinning and throwing their Spanish guitars, taking their audience on a formidable musical journey ending in a grande fiesta.

PAUL MOROCCO - The original creator is the mad Cassablancan himself. Grew up in Virginia USA, his mother from Morocco, his father Cajun, from New Orleans. He left his own country and travelled to Europe as a street performer, later performing on the cabaret circuit and then on to worldwide theatre. An extraordinary performer, an accomplished musician and a truly flamboyant character.

GUILLERMO DE ENDAYA - Born in Bilbao, Spain, he started playing guitar when he was 14. Later on he studied music at the Conservatiory in Leioa and then went on to lead several bands in Spain and Germany as a singer, guitarist and composer.

ANTONIO GOMEZ - Born in Cuba to the sounds of Salsa rhythms, he has been playing guitar and singing since a young boy. He travelled Europe and studied Flamenco and other musical styles to compliment his own natural salsa rhythm.

"If you haven't seen them before, go! If you have, go again!" THE INDEPENDENT