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Adam Larter

Adam Larter is a 24 year old surreal, absurdist comedian based in London.

He performs long story set pieces, 1 man plays, uses music, props and general madness.

Here is a video:

You can see him as the resident comic and South London's the Electric Lobster and resident MC at Weirdos Comedy Club (Top 10 Free London shows - Timeout, Top small comedy nights - Great Little Place).

In 2011 he did his first full Edinburgh show at the City Cafe. Adam Larter: The Legend of Bob Geldof and other short stories.
He's beaten the gong twice.

So here are some quotes:
"the sheer volume of his daft ideas is stunning . . a very disorganised genius" - **** The Skinny
"Hilariously ridiculous, silly, self-deprecating – Adam Larter’s humour conveys his quirky and charming personality. In a performance that includes pictures, storytelling, puppets, an audience sing-along, and a one-man play – Larter gives you everything he’s got" - Informed Edinburgh
"Adam Larter is a deranged overgrown seven year-old that someone allowed to play with enormous bits of paper and crayons in a quest to make up the best story ever. The result? A series of five occasionally brilliant and occasionally bizarre tales that had the audience giggling with bemused laughter. . . Certainly one to watch for the future." - Three Weeks
"Either mad or genius" - Maff Brown, Outside the Box Comedy
" Like a one man Monthy Python" - Sean Brightman, We Love Comedy