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Louise Stokes aka Kimmy Sue Anne

Louise Stokes, actor, novelist, poet, short story writer, playwright, recently turned character comedian, prefers to deliver her humour hidden behind tons of bizarre make up, costume and characterisation. She performs a whole family of larger than life, but unnervingly recognisable characters, the most popular of whom is KIMMY SUE ANNE, her chav comedy poet who performs regularly (some would say constantly) in Birmingham and the Midlands, as well as making forays further out to London, Glastonbury, the Forest of Dean, Hereford, Derby, Liverpool, and the Edinburgh Fringe. Her personal experience of being bullied to within an inch of her life by n.h.s senior management in her former existence as the nurse in charge of a regional child and adolescent unit left her with loads of comedy material but no sense of humour whatsoever. Her subsequent vow to remain serious, pessimistic and depressed about the world and those within it for the rest of her life, came to a premature close when her sense of humour unexpectedly returned and she decided to turn tragedy into comedy and live off the proceeds.

Achievements… (so far)
Semi-finalist So You Think You’re Funny? 2008
Short-listed for Semi-finals, Nivea Funny Women Awards, 2008
Finalist Gong Show Heat, Fun House Comedy Club, Derby
Amused Moose Contestant 2008

Appeared at The Glee Club, Birmingham, for Women and Theatre’s Charity night, hosted by Barbara Nice 2008

Publication of comedy manuscripts, The Forts Of Kimmy Sue Anne, and Conversations with the Family of the Grotesque 2007

Publication of Marooned 'Very Serious Poetry' 2007 (not comedy, obviously, but reveals the true thoughts of a deep thinking comedian)

First novel, Faerie Dust and First Book of Short Stories, Nine, published 2008 (again, not comedy, and definitely not funny, but still achievements)

Film Credits
(Independent films by Nigel Moffatt:....'Moffimedia'):
Angel (Title Role)
Skins (Old Woman)

T.V. credits:
Balti Custard Comedy Show, BritAsia TV