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Chris Marco K

My name is Chris Marco K, I’m a comedian gigging around the London circuit. I have been performing since January 2010 and have done around 200+ gigs in that time, including Edinburgh shows last year as a special guest. I also run a comedy night in palmers green north London at the step, where I compeer. Another thing I like doing is writing jokes for other comedians who are different from me and even comedy songs. On 14 April 2012, I was Compeering the show for Comedian Max Amini, from L.A at the Logan Hall in Holborn, a successful Night with a sold out audience of a 1000 seated room. Also I have been on Radio for London Greek Radio FM as a special guest and talking about comedy. I have been working with Virgin Media Pioneers on an Internet clip called The Networker [Episode 01].

 I have also gigged with following comedians:
·         Max Amini, from L.A
·         Trevor Lock
·         Paul Tonkinson
·         Kat from MTV base
·          Imran Yusuf
·          Prince Abdi

Achievements in competitions:
·         Beat The Comedy Store King Gong in November 2011.
·         Cavendish Arms: Comedy Virgin Winner 27.06.2011.
·         Costa Light Comedy Challenge, Brighton Regional Finalist Oct 2011.
·         Tickled Pig Semi Finalist Nottingham 2011.
·         Southgate Gong Show Winner 2012.

Achievements in: Radio, TV, Internet

·         Radio interview on live radio with London Greek Radio 103.3 FM 2012.
·         Virgin Media Pioneers” The Networker”, The Elevator Pitch [Episode 01] YouTube 2012.
·         Max Amini documentary American TV filmed 2012 waiting for the producers for the final edited version.


Chris Marco K -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyTxLTTb95g

Virgin Media Pioneers” The Networker”, The Elevator Pitch [Episode 01]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BBrgb9AfUY