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Isabel Fay

TV and Film
Comedian Isabel Fay appeared in the first series of BBC2's How Not To Live Your Life[1] with Dan Clark and David Armand. She also appeared in the Pilot of BBC Three's How Not To Live Your Life, and co-starred with Dan Clark in Dan Clark's Guide to Dating for Comedy Central

See Dan Clark's Guide to Dating with Isabel Fay here: Dan Clark's Guide to Dating

Isabel appeared in the film Clive Hole, adapted from a short story by Alexi Sayle starring David Schneider, Karl Theobald and Susan Vidler. She also appeared in the film Rekindle by Marios Hamboulides starring Tom Conti, Karl Theobald and My Family's Daniela Denby-Ashe, and she voiced short film Man in a Cat with Kevin Eldon and Josie Long

Also alongside Kevin Eldon, Alice Lowe, Steve Furst, David Bussell and Matthew Stott, Isabel appeared in the pilot for a 'sort-of-sketch-show' called "Missing Scene". The pilot was written by David Bussell, Matthew Stott and Ben Ricketts and script edited by Alice Lowe.

She co-owns internet comedy production company Clever Pie [2] ( Clever Pie's Website) with Tom Hopgood. Clever Pie make hit online comedy sketches and films:
For BBC Comedy Online Isabel wrote and performed hit short Common Film Ground: Common Film Ground on BBC Comedy And she co-wrote and starred in Leader's Wives: Leader's Wives on BBC Comedy Isabel also made an exclusive sketch for Funny Or Die set to Bonnie Tyler's hit Total Eclipse of the Heart called Total Paperclips of the Heart[3] Isabel and Director Lee York have just made their debut independent short film With or Without U2 starring Isabel and Torchwood star Tom Price.

For CBBC Isabel has appeared in children's comedy shows Little Howard's Big Question and Hacker Time.

Isabel has also shot her own sketch show pilot with Silver River TV [1]. She has appeared inBBC Three's Comedy Shuffle, she wrote and performed on all three series of ITV2's flagship show Comedy Cuts, and wrote and performed as a roving reporter on Monkey TV's online show Newslog, which also stars Steve Punt. She was a member of the cast for E4's Dogface, and BBC Three's pilot Toju.

Isabel is represented for TV by PBJ Management: Isabel Fay at PBJ Management Isabel is represented for voice over by Harvey Voices: Isabel Fay at Harvey Voices Isabel's literary agent is Makepeace Towle Associates: Isabel Fay at Makepeace Towle Associate

Live Comedy Shows
Isabel co-created and starred in sketch show The Works with David Armand at Madame Jojo's in Soho

Isabel's solo live work is usually a collaboration with if.comeddies award winning director Matt Holt (directed Brendan Burns if.comeddies award-winning show 2007) and Perrier award winning producer Tom Hopgood (produced Laura Solon's Perrier award winning show 2005).

At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Isabel's first self penned solo comedy show was Magic Steve's Disappearing Act (2006), featuring her magician's assistant character Annette Cadabra:
"Fay gives a barnstorming performance of her own superbly crafted script. This is an extraordinary calling card by Fay. Pure Magic!" Chortle Chortle [4]

Her second solo show at the festival was Isabel Fay: Altar Ego (2007) featuring three characters - most notably Blodwin who has to fake her own wedding, with special guest appearances from Justin Edwards, Renton Skinner, Martin White, Tom Verrell and Paul Kerensa.

"Delightfully insane... Isabel Fay is an excellent character actress" The Metro The Metro [5]

Fay performed a third solo Edinburgh show Don't Let A Gift Horse in the House at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, at the Pleasance Courtyard
"Fay's one-woman tsunami of personality is pretty damn irresistible" The Metro [6]