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Norby West
Grandad from Hell

1929 Mummy gave birth to sweet little babba

1949 The baby could read three letter words, shoot straight and deal with incendiary bombs

1970-ish Started puppet performances including porno Punch and Judy and also surreal live performances as 'The Amazing Percy Main'

1982 Sour and middle-aged, the baby had become 'The Brixton Bank Manager' and by performing at festivals and streets persuaded audiences to flee to Butlins for something more intellectually stimulating

1984 Even more decrepit, the once cuddly babba, realised that he was truly 'Norby West' and should concentrate on suitably geriatric filth and call it 'satire'. This has meant a couple of gigs at the ICA as well as at most of the comedy clubs in Britain.


"Nobody but Norby West would think of using one of my lovely carrier bags for such disgusting practise except perhaps the Duke of Edinburgh" - Mohammed al Harrod

"West? If my cardinals could be corrupted, he is the man to do it" - The Pope

"He couldn't be trusted with a frozen turkey, let alone a live one. I was saw him with an old cock and it was utterly disgusting" - Bernard Matthews

........this one is genuine!

......"senior citizen [Norby] West is one of the oldest gigging comics, but is no mere novelty act, excelling in wry, self-mocking anecdotes" - London Evening Standard