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Rob Perry

‘Rob delivers a unique comedy performance disguised as a training session. Lively and original, his brand of comedy is not to be missed!’ – BOSFest

Armed with a flipchart and an ill-fitting denim jacket, Rob is unlike any act that audiences have seen before, unless they have seen him before. He delivers an immersive and interactive comedy training session, drawing in every audience member without scaring anybody excessively. Each training session is carefully written, but reactive to the audience’s input.

Rob started performing dependably, but not brilliantly, as a student in Liverpool. The training act was born at a weirdly small comedy night in a weirdly small room in a weirdly small town in Somerset, and has since developed into an act that he is pleased as punch with. Covering a range of topics, it has been performed to a diverse range of audiences, and has been consistently well-received.

Winner of Stand Up For Cider, 2019.

Based near Bristol