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Theresa Farlow

"Theresa is an absolute fan favourite at World Of Comedy. Some quality and well thought out observations, a clear confidence when performing to the masses, along with a delightful personality to work with, has ensured I’ll definitely not only recommend Theresa to other organisers and promoters, but book her for future gigs." Jay Musa (World Of Comedy)

"A confident newcomer, with a loveable stage presence and an eye for a well written and delivered gag..... we'll see more of Theresa." (Bryan Malcolm, Ha Ha Comedy Clubs)

Theresa ‘Trees’ Farlow is a relative newcomer to the world of standup comedy but is already making her mark on the circuit with her clever gags and confident stage persona. She presents a unique and self-deprecating take on life, shaped by years of experience in academia, with a gastric band, laser eye surgery, rampant cats and personal struggles with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Theresa has played at 50+ gigs so far (November 2013), mainly 10 and 15-minute open spots, but with an increasing number of paid middles. She has gigged in line-ups alongside Justin Moorhouse, Greg Cook, Wes Zaharuk, Steve Shanyaski, Ross Brierley, Rob Coleman, Alan Sharp, and Tony Cowards. Jack Whitehall even turned up at one to deliver an impromptu set, but she doesn’t count that one......

Theresa has gigged throughout the North West, and further afield (e.g. Leicester, Leeds, Howden, Worcester, Kenilworth and Birmingham), for promoters and clubs including:

Box Entertainment
Bright Club
Cracked Up Comedy
Frog and Bucket (8-spot in Manchester)
Ha Ha Comedy Club
Hilarious Comedy
Hotwater Comedy Club
Funhouse Comedy
Laughing Cows
Mirth Control
Radio Fallout Comedy
World of Comedy

....as well as for a number of independent promoters and comedians including Kenny Mills, Bobby Murdock, Jamie Sutherland, Dave Twentyman, Dave Turquoise, Carl Lawrence, Lindsey Davies, John Cooper, and Lewis ‘BigLou’ Jones.

Winner - Frog and Bucket, Preston
Winner - Old Fort, Liverpool (Jack Marray open mic competition)
Third place - X Factor Comedy Night (Radio Fallout Comedy)
Finalist - Frog and Bucket (Manchester and Preston)
Finalist - Funhouse Comedy gong shows (Burton and Derby)

Promoter’s feedback

"Theresa has a great presence with a lovely variety of jokes that would suit any comedy night. We would love to have Theresa back for future gigs." (Stoo, Box Entertainment - Lainfest)

"The crowd and judges really loved Theresa's set - a very funny lady." (Lee Tommo, Radio Fallout Comedy)

“Thanks Theresa. I really enjoyed your spot, very funny and for only 15 gigs, amazing." Kenny Mills (independent promoter, The Queen’s Tyldesley and Knutsford)

"Theresa was great - her clever humour and witty punchlines stood her out from other acts." (Dan Barnes, X Factor Comedy Judge)

“She is far too chatty, even silly at times, with a tendency towards giggly behaviour.” (A teacher, sometime last century)


Theresa is currently available for 10-20 minute open spots and middles, and for compering smaller rooms.