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Palan Ns

Palan started doing standup comedy in Dec. 2010, taking part in the “Gong Show” @ Leicester Square, as his first stand up. Not only did Palan beat the gong, he was runner-up!

Since then Palan has performed in front of many wide and varied audiences to tumultuous applause. Here are some of the accolades he received after his performances:-

“I have loads of friends, both English and Asians – Indians as well as Sri Lankans. They would all love to see you perform. Where are you next?”
“My friends want to see you. Where are you performing next?”
“Palan, you are my Comedy guru! I want to take a photograph with you”. “Me too. (Her boy friend)”
“Palan, you are my inspiration”. (Fellow comic).
“You were sensational!”
“You are a really funny guy”. (MC)
“You were the best. Please come again”.
“You have the best opening line ever!” (Fellow comic)
“I loved the way you brought out the cultural differences. To me that was the best; and I liked your style of delivery. See you on TV soon”.
“Your delivery was wicked man! Champion! Champion!” (@ Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, after I’d been voted the best by the audiemce).

Palan was born in Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) and emigrated to UK forty years ago. So he draws on his experiences in both countries and throws in his life experiences for good measure. A mild mannered comic, punters should be vary of crossing him unnecessarily, as one audience member found out at the Gong Show to his despair! Never one to put down others, but if you ask for it – watch out!
A Civil Engineer by profession, he worked in the Westminster District Officer’s office for more than twentyfive years before branching out as a Consultant to Southwark Building Control, where he was involved in the prestigious “Shard” building – the tallest in Europe – from inception to completion of the structure.

In addition to the Gong Show @ Leicester Square, Palan has performed in many venues in and around London including, Comedy Bin venues; Cavendish Arms, Stockwell; Comedy Café Shoreditch; Laughing Horse – Stratford, Lancaster Gate, Holloway, Covent Garden; Richmond…Walkabout, Waterloo; Downstairs at the King’s Head, Crouch End; Monkey Business; Polly B’s Comedy; Angel Comedy, Camden Head; TNT Torriano; Jester Jesters; Dirty Dicks, London; Scream Lounge, Croydon; Charlie’s Comedy Club, London.

Palan has given various performances for a number of charities and foundations:-
King Edward VI school PTA, Chelmsford
Croydon Academy of Eastern Arts
Elders’ Empowerment Prog., Merton.
Several Sri Lankan charities and organistions (in English & in Tamil).

Volunteer work:
Palan performs at the Oakway centre (day care) Carshalton, by invitation, on a voluntary basis.

Finalist, Max Turner Competition, 2014
Semi Finalist, Laughing Horse Competition, 2013.
Semi Finalist, Golden Jester Competition, 2013.
Featured in the Croydon Advertiser under the title, “The Funny Side of Life”.

Did a 30 min. standup routine for Theepam TV, broadcast on Diwaqli day (Nov. 2013)
Brit Asia TV recorded a 15 min. routine on 27th May, 2014 – for broadcasting on their TV channel.