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Paco Erhard

 “Insightful and hysterical… endless original jokes” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

 “Waves of comedy gold… as close to stand-up genius that I have ever seen” ★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

 “A German combination of Jim Jefferies and Bill Hicks… observational comedy and satire at its finest” ★★★★★ Three Weeks


Paco Erhard’s comedy is a high-octane mix of social satire, playful madness, comparisons between Britain and his native Germany, and an obsession with the question: How to be happy in a world we know is essentially f***ed?

In 2013, the German comedian showed his true colours with Djerman Unchained, a dark, honest, hard-hitting show about drugs, consumerism, nationalism, poverty, lies, and his own meandering life around the world. Three Weeks called the show “a German combination of Jim Jefferies and Bill Hicks… observational comedy and satire at its finest”; What’s On Comedy described it as “dark, intelligent, absurdly hilarious”.

Beyond this, Paco Erhard is mainly known as the comedy expert on Germany. His show 5-Step Guide to Being German, “an extremely clever analysis of the modern German psyche [and] uproariously hilarious” (Independent Daily) sold out at comedy festivals worldwide and was booked by British, German, and Australian schools, cultural institutions and corporations. Going beyond the stereotypes, Paco Erhard tends to cast a real and honest look at what he lovingly calls his “charming, crazy mishap of a country”.

Born in Munich, Paco Erhard lived in 9 different regions of Germany before escaping to the USA at 17. He has since lived in America, Sicily, Spain, Germany and the UK, and travelled all five continents. Before turning to stand-up, he worked in many an odd job around the world (cameraman on whale-watching boats, starving poet, journalist, toilet cleaner, business consultant, video game tester, compere for Britain’s Sun-educated in Magalluf and Tenerife, as well as some grey-area jobs) while reading Nietzsche, Foucault, Conrad, Achebe, Ngugi wa’Thiongo, Derrida, Camus and other angry men.

He has performed in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Argentina, and Germany, in English, German, Spanish, and Italian. He loves East London and lives in a suitcase.


Comedy Award 2013, Perth Fringe World – Nominee

TV, Radio & Web

BBC One – The One Show (2013)
NDR (Germany) – NDR Comedy Contest (2013)
EINS plus (Germany) – Stand-up Migranten (2013)
Channel 31 (Australia) – The Grill (2013)
SAT.1 (Germany) – Was Guckst Du?! (award-winning comedy show) – gag writer (2005)

5AA (Australia) – The Sean Perry Show; Comic foreign correspondent (weekly, 2012-13)
BBC Radio Four (pre Champions League Final coverage, 2013)
BBC World Service – Weekend (2013)
BBC 5 Live – 5 Live Breakfast (2011)
BBC West Midlands – The Danny Kelly Show (2011)
BBC Scotland – Good Morning Scotland (2011)
RTE Radio 1 – The John Murray Show (Ireland, 2012)
Newstalk 106-108fm – The Tom Dunne Show (Ireland, 2012)

ABC, SBS, PBJ, RTR, 5aa (all Australia, 2012 – 2013)
RSH, Antenne 1, SWR3, RPR1 (all Germany, 2011 – 2013)

Ford Web Ad, www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWKQhkny06A (2013)

Solo shows & Festivals
Djerman Unchained (2013 – 2014):
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014
Adelaide Fringe 2014
Perth Fringe World 2014
Edinburgh Fringe 2013
Leicester Square Theatre, London, 2013

Ex-German (2012 – 2013):
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013
Adelaide Fringe 2013
Perth Fringe World 2013
Leicester Square Theatre, London 2012

5-Step Guide to Being German (2011 – 2014):  
Adelaide Fringe 2014 (Third Edition)
Perth Fringe World 2014 (2.0)
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013 (2.0)
Adelaide Fringe 2013 (2.0)
Perth Fringe World 2013
Edinburgh Fringe 2012 (2.0)
Brighton Fringe 2012 (2.0)
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012
Adelaide Fringe 2012
Edinburgh Fringe 2011
Brighton Fringe 2011
Leicester Square Theatre, London, 2011 – 2013

The bald and the beautiful (with Alex Marion and Elise Harris) (2010)
Edinburgh Fringe 2010         

Corporate & Educational Performances
Stand-up, Event Hosting and Talks for events and executives of: BMW, Mini, Lufthansa, KPMG, Schenker, Fresenius, Uvex, UNESCO World Heritage Germany, German National Tourist Office, Goethe-Institut, Bavarian Beerhouse, London School of English, Caulfield Grammar School (Melbourne)

Performances at
BBC@Potterow (Edinburgh Fringe), Sydney Comedy Store, Comics Lounge (Melbourne), Comedy Club Asia (Singapore), The Athenaeum (Melbourne), Comedy Café, Jongleurs, Amused Moose, Downstairs at the King’s Head, Out of Bounds Comedy, Mirth Control, Big Cheese Comedy, Comedy Cats, and many others in the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Argentina.