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Graham Wilkes

"The Comedy Hour at The View stage offered us a refreshing change from the relentless music, highlights from this include Graham Wilkes, who brought his own individual style of humor to the stage that the audience seemed to really enjoy." - Boardmasters festival. by www.bringthenoiseuk.com.

"Quick witted with a great, fearless stage presence. His stories never fail to strike a cord with audiences." - Comedy Avengers.

West Country based comedian Graham Wilkes has been performing regularly now for around 4 years, playing all types of gigs, from six people in a grotty back room of a pub, to playing big theaters with a thousand in attendance.

He is most happy when on stage and is always up for a challenge. Grahams first ever gig was as MC in front of 700 people at Boardmasters festival, all because one of the organisers wanted him to try stand up comedy and also wanted comedy at the festival, he rose to the challenge and was then asked back every year since to perform 15-30 min sets over the weekend.

He is a story teller comedian drawing inspiration from his family, friends and his own odd and awkward ways.
He was shortlisted in the WOCA's in 2015 ( which is Cornwall's answer to the Oscars) in the best comedian section. However he doesn't believe in comedy competitions but prides himself on the fact that he is the only guest ever on the Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin podcast to have the episode removed due to legal reasons. So that's an accolade of sorts.
Graham still provides the Intro music to that very same podcast and has provided other musical based comedy to other podcasts and comedians in the past, however this is under his side projects name 'Pimp in Distress' and his main focus is straight forward stand up.

Always on the look-out for more gigs and new audiences.

Currently Gigging with, Superfluous hole Productions, Comedy 42, Edge Comedy, Comedy Avengers, Comedy Grove, Comedy 24, WCB comedy, SW1 Productions, and others.

" Very funny, original and likable" - Carl Donnelly

" I wish I had thought of that bit myself " - Bobby Mair

" I've worked with Graham a load of times and every time he's been hilarious. I still laugh at his Mills and Boon joke."- Chris Purchase ( Taken from Chortle topic )

" Performs with a confident and assured style which holds audiences enthralled" - Comedy Avengers.