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Patrick (Patser) Murray

I am wisecracking orator type lad from the Emerald Isle. I headline MC and do big supports in most spots in Ireland.

The Laughter Lounge,The international, the bankers, Rosin Dubh , I was recently in a multi award winning Irish tv show love/hate

Here is a few things said about me 

Patser has very wholesome material and talks about the hard parts of his life and makes it very funny "Craig Cambell"

What us Dubs call "Gas" bleedin deadly the mammy stuff is deadly "Jason Byrne" 

He enjoys himself on stage and everyone else enjoys it because it "Eric lalor" 

Patser has a way with words that must be witnessed "The Cultch" 

Never fails to deliver at my club "not pizza" "Pete O'Byrne the bankers resident MC