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Adam Bowman

Adam Bowman was born in Yorkshire, grew up in Africa and Asia and now lives in Manchester. As is probably to be expected, this wide and varied upbringing has given him a unique perspective on the world around him, and one which has helped him win over comedy audiences around the country since he began performing comedy in May 2003.

Adam's act stems from his mild terror of the world around him and covers a wide range of topics. A typical set can include the news, sex, drugs, rock music, Nostradamus, Shakespeare, dwarves, suicide bombers, air guitar, misadventures in the dark arts, hen nights, a few sharp topical observations and some very good quick-fire gags. His odd geeky appearance and occasionally awkward and frequently self-deprecating style has made him popular with audience wherever he gigs.


"Fresh and funny. I was mightily impressed" -Toby Hadoke, XS Malarkey

"Smart material, entertainingly delivered" -Steve Bennett, Chortle.co.uk

"Truly inspired" -Lee Martin, Frog and Bucket

"Confident and relaxed, the audience warmed to him and loved his self-deprecating humour" -Phil Buckley, grinandbear.co.uk