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Alan Parker, Urban Warrior


"Hilarious! Brilliant! Totally Inspired!" - The Sunday Times

He's never quite got over the demise of Sham 69 and the subsequent annexation of youth culture by the iniquitous forces of global capitalism. Once the most radical man in Britain, now the only radical man in Britain, Alan stands alone in his heroic fight against the system.

In 1996, Alan was busy spreading sedition on the nations TV screens as he took up residence on ITV's "Saturday Live" and appeared in his own BBC-2 show "London Shouting", which was written with Father Ted (CH4) creator, Graham Linehan. For this he was nominated as Best Television Newcomer in the 1996 British Comedy Awards.

Following the success of his previous shows 'Stop The Fibbing'(1992) and 'Living On The Edge' (1993), Alan Parker-Urban Warrior toured the UK for the first time in three years in Autumn '96, with a show destined to "frighten the government and all it's secret friends - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE." The tour was a major sell-out success.

"Looking at history, I realise that things were worse back then, but also I see that it's the same now. Things haven't changed. They've got worse. So that's why I'm saying - the time is now.. Again!" (Alan)

Alan Parker-Urban Warrior is a bedsit anarchist inspired by the lyrics of punk bands, namely Sham '69 and The UK Subs. Described as a "Wolfie Smith for the nineties" (The Independent) - Alan is a self-appointed spokesperson for the dispossesed generation and prophet to the disconnected masses etc, seeking to smash the system with subversion, some placards and a spray-can. In this new show Alan traverses the bourgeois-fascist-middle-class-nazi-fascist worlds of art, politics and music, promising lots of truth, plenty of shouting, fashion advice ("ignore it") and absolutely NO lies.

"I'll probably achieve nothing, but if we all keep on achieving nothing together for long enough, that'll be something in itself." (Alan)

· Alan Parker-Urban Warrior is the creation of Simon Munnery

· Alan has already been introduced to the establishment via three series of his own show on BBC Radio 1 entitled, "29 Minutes of Truth", for which he won, Sony Gold Award for Best Radio Comedy.

· The last series was broadcast in May 1996 and was reviewed as "once again the funniest thing on Radio One" by Time Out Magazine.

· In February 1996 Alan enjoyed a two week sell-out run at The Adelaide Comedy Festival and was reviewed by The Australian as "Wonderful..the audience wanted more and more and more."

· Alan's other TV credits include BBC1's Paramount City, The Happening (CH4), and Viva Cabaret (CH4)

· Alan Paker-Urban Warrior, himself was once a student. Alan reveals "It was an accident. I was forced into it by the combined effect of society's PRESSURES and my extremely high A Level results."

· Simon Munnery is also founder of the critically-acclaimed confrontational Futurist Komedy Kabaret, Cluub Zarathustra - which he hosts as The League Against Tedium.

· The League Against Tedium is an illusionist who, like some cyber-age Wizard of Oz, uses state of the art technology, ancient theatrical techniques, and the forgotten arts of wit and irony to impose his wonderful and frightening world view on an unknowing audience. Simon describes him as "The most arrogant man in the world, he's based on the writings of Nietzsche."

· Cluub Zarathustra has been described as "The most original and inventive cabaret you will ever see." (The Sunday Times).

· Cluub Zarathustra's ruling elite comprises of Kevin Eldon, (Eddie Izzard's "Cows", C4's "Brass Eye", BBC2's "A Fist Of Fun") Stewart Lee, (BBC2's "A Fist Of Fun") Sally Phillips (ITV's "Holding The Baby", BBC2's "A Fist of Fun"), Roger Mann (from Streatham) and, from the World of Music, Richard Thomas and Laurie Lixenberg.

· At this year's Edinburgh Festival, Cluub Zarathustra enjoyed a 22 show sell-out run at the Pleasance.
· Cluub Zarathustra is currently being developed for Channel 4 Television.

· Earlier this year The League Against Tedium enjoyed his own 6 part series on BBC Radio 1.


"I take it all back! Matthew Bannister should stay at the helm of Radio 1 as reward for putting on another six-part comedy series by the Urban Warrior, Alan Parker. Hilarious... Brilliant... Totally Inspired." - Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times

"The funniest thing on Radio One." - Time Out Magazine

"The people's comic." - Mark Wareham, The Independent

"A genuine coup-de-theatre." - Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

"Marx, Engles and Sid Vicious would all have died laughing!" - William Cook, The Guardian

"Consistently Excellent!" - James Rampton, The Independent

"Gloriously inept radical anorak." - Helen Hawkins, The Sunday Times

"Genius." - Stewart Hennessey, Scotland On Sunday

"Uniquely Original." - Mark Jones, Evening Standard

"Relentlessly Hilarious." - Anne Karpf, The Guardian

"a belly-laugh-a-minute." - Johnny Cigarettes, NME

"A stand-up comedian of brilliance." - Bonnie Lee, The Scotsman

" Munnery's idiosyncratic style of anti-comedy is very, very funny." - Maureen Paton, Daily Express

" Simon Munnery is an outstanding performer." - Nick Dudley, The List