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Callum Beynon

"Callum’s set was largely based on personal experiences, particularly focusing around Weight Watchers and a highly amusing hungry hippos anecdote. Callum is a natural to the stage and will certainly go far on the UK circuit" - Ground Level Media, Swansea.

Callum Beynon is a twenty-five year old comedic writer & stand up comedian based in Swansea, United Kingdom, who has been steadily performing nationwide since 2011. Callum has been described as many things in the past, but certainly most annoyingly for him, as a "slightly chubbier Alex Zane" and "Sesame Street's 'Count Von Count' personified" - He cannot decide whether he finds the former or the latter more annoying... Feel free to help him decide.

Callum has a relaxed and laid back style of comedy which he regularly performs at comedy clubs all over the country, and while Callum's boyish charms are sure to endear you to him, his blend of witty observational humour and anecdotes are set to willingly extort laughs from you, whilst his intricate tales are sure to keep you enthralled.Callum has previously performed with some familiar circuit names in comedy, including Lloyd Langford, Dan Mitchell, Gerry K, Noel James, Bob Slayer & Chris Lynam, with hopefully more to follow!

What some nice folks had to say about Callum;

"Callum is both witty & instantly likeable" - Ignacio Lopez (ITV's 'Show Me The Funny')
"Good jokes..." & "Nice watch..."- Lloyd Langford (BBC One's 'Ask Rhod Gilbert')
"Sorry that I missed your set, mate... I was dying for a crap!" - Gerry K
"Lovely jokes that would really work in Surrey or other educated places..." - Bob Slayer