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Jane Deane

Jane is a comedienne of many talents, few of which have anything to do with being funny yet still she persists…

Her background thus far has been in the world of light entertainment working in such Great British institutions as Butlins and slapping her thigh in pantomime every Christmas for the last 11 years. She’s presented live events for Disney, Legoland and the BBC and even spent a few months as a circus clown!

Jane has only been doing actual stand up comedy for about six months, but is already making a name for herself as a regular on the London Open Mike Comedy Circuit (read into that what you will) and appeared with TNT Comedy’s Bang Out of Order Edinburgh Showcase. So far, the highlight of her stand up career was appearing on the same bill as the legendary Arthur Smith. There was a rumour going around that Arthur actually laughed at one of Jane’s jokes, though this is unconfirmed…


“Yeah, she’s alright…” - Marc Safon (fellow comedian)

“I was really surprised, you were better than I thought you’d be” - Richard Evans (Jane’s best friend)

“Jane Deane? She’s the funniest most talented performer this country has ever produced! She should have her own show on the BBC – she’s much funnier than that Catherine Tate…” - Pauline Faulkner (Jane’s Mum)