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Jorik Mol

"Best of the evening...A genuine and unique young comic" – The Badger.

“Jorik is a very funny, very clever and very very interesting stand up.” – Gráinne Maguire, comedian and BBC comedy writer.

“Jorik Mol is an original and confident new voice in stand up. I can’t wait to watch him again.” –  Trevor Lock, comedian and writer.

"You're amazing to watch. Keep it up man. You're so amicable & funny. Can't wait to see an hour show!" - Eric Lampaert, comedian.

"Meilleur qu'Eddie Izzard" - Yacine Belhouse and Abdelkrim Bichkou.

"Jorik warmed up the room. By which I mean by his entering the room, the temperature increased by a tiny percentile." - The Student Reviewer (Alexander Bennett).

Jorik Mol’s performance is a whirlwind of voices, characters, accents, songs and physicality and, despite a charming and amicable manner with the audience; a dark but hilarious undertone. His subjects range from the obscure (his hatred of Paulo Coelho) to the personal (his stupid life and his bisexuality) and the absurd (why herons should just fuck off). He is currently working on his first hour show ‘Straight Guy’ for Fringe festivals in 2016 as well as schools and LGBT+ events – he will be working with LGBT+ organisations to bring this show to the stage. He is a very talented mimic and singer and is currently in talks with various companies about doing voice ad work.

Starting in 2006 in his native Netherlands, Jorik Mol is close to finishing his first decade as a comedian, writer and performer. After going to drama school and touring in a production with the award winning Dutch comedians “De Bloeiende Maagden” – playing the big theatres of Holland – Jorik chose to focus on what he really wanted to do: Stand-up Comedy, in English. A veteran of the Edinburgh Festival and the Brighton and London circuits, Jorik runs his own night called The Comedian’s Bookshelf; where comedians, writers, academics and performers talk about their favourite books and authors. Apart from Stand-up Comedy and his 2016 show ‘Straight Guy’, he is currently writing two radio comedy shows, his début novel as well as academic work. Jorik has performed in French and Dutch and can perform to German and Spanish crowds. He lives in London.

Clubs he has played at include: The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, Weirdo’s Comedy, The Stand Glasgow, The Comedy Café London, Mirth Control Comedy.