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Chris Munro

"Chris Munro is not a chatty, wanting to be best friends with the audience type of comedian, this just isn’t his style. For Chris being on stage is more therapeutic, it’s somewhere to vent."
Inspire Magazine

Since starting stand-up in 2009 Chris has been writing in 3rd person, which he resents but adheres to due to formatting.

He’s not arrogant just honest, angry and expects the audience to agree. From criticisms and logical observations on social issues to dark cutthroat theatre it’s simply complaining at the highest order.

With his first Preston Fringe festival as one third of ‘One Threw Up in the Cuckoo’s Nest’ being awarded a five star review followed by their ‘sell-out’ Edinburgh Free Fringe show, Chris continues to shamlessly offer opinions on subjects he’s probably not qualified to discuss; and satirize and mock things you probably like.

‘Chris Munro followed up brilliantly with some hilarious observations delivered alongside razor sharp wit’ Preston Fringe Festival 2011  
‘Chris Munro is a Brave, Twisted, Funny man. Watch him before someone takes offence and glasses him.’  Garage Comedy
‘Utterly offensive to idiots’ Fat cat comedy
‘His surreal logic works in any room’ Short Circuit Comedy
‘Hilariously dark with a charming twist’ Edge Comedy