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Jason Neale

“Well-written sharp gags & stories tied together with a stage persona that warms an audience instantly.” -    Exchange Comedy

“Unafraid to push the boundaries with his humour, and often smashes through them altogether with a sense of glorious purpose, willing to say what we’re all thinking”-       Commentary

“This is a comic who has real presence on stage and can use this to his advantage”-       Notts Comedy Review

'Jason has likeability and personality that help to take the  audience down his anecdotal road with plenty of big laughs along the way' - Ship of Fools Comedy

Since his 1st Gig in December 2013, Jason has gone from strength-to-strength as a performer, gigging throughout the UK and adding improv/MCing/Sketch-Writing/Character strings to his bow; all with the aim of sharpening his style of anecdotal, unapologetic, out-for-belly-laughs stand-up. Within 3 years he’s written 3 new festival shows which he’s performed in Edinburgh (Fringe), Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Melbourne (UK!) and Croyden. Based in Leicester, he’s only ever a couple of hours away from a gig across the UK and is never happier than when he’s driving up and down motorways to gig wherever he can.


-       Battle for Leicester @ Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival (2015) - Winner

-       Best Compere @ Midland Comedy Awards (2016) – 3rd Place

-       Best Show @ Midland Comedy Awards (2016) – Nominee

Festival Shows
Edinburgh 2016 (Heroes): “Jason Neale’s Footprint” (1 Hour Show)

Edinburgh 2015 (Heroes): “Jason Neale is Proper Funny: Fact” (1 Hour Show)
Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2016: “Jason Neale’s Footprint” (1 Hour Show)
Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2015:  “Jason Neale is Proper Funny: Fact” (1 Hour Show)
Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014: (45 Min Show)
Nottingham Comedy Festival 2015 (Heroes): “Jason Neale is Proper Funny: Fact” (1 Hour Show)

5/10/15/20 (Paid & Unpaid) Stand-Up Spots for:
Heroes (Croyden & Melbourne (UK) Festivals)/Ship of Fools/Mortified/Furthest from the Sea (Derby Comedy Festival 2016)/Manillla Road/Scallywags/Exchange Comedy Club/Commoners/Club-Smashing/Comedy & Cocktails/UFI

MCing for:
Proper Funny/Club Smashing/UFI


Proper Funny Comedy

Co-Host/Performer of “Hollins and Neale: The Podcast”


Sketch Writer/Performer

Commentary (Live Performance at Phoenix Independent Cinema, Leicester)