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Graeme Kenna

Like a number of major successful comedians and innumerable minor failed ones, Graeme Kenna emerged from the performance poetry scene where he is a well respected MC.

He is possibly the only prop forward to have edited a book of peace poetry.

Like a moth that somehow became a chrysalis, then emerged as a fat juicy grub, he has crawled his way onto the stand up scene.
He first came to national attention when he declared his house a monastery and his family and pets monks as a poll-tax protest.

As a contestant in "Wipeout" with Bob Monkhouse, he was so bad that they had to find a new method of disqualifying him.

His most prominent achievement to date was appearing at the Brits awards - for a fraction of a second, and in the NME, as a pagan stag with chart toppers the Coral.

Sadly he has had to give up this role, since despite a triangular sign warning him against it, he ran across the A470.

His act
Is full of useful information about, for example;
Surf's censored 99th stain
Teenage lesbian Welsh boys on the internet
Xmas cards to the dead
Never trust a lyric

Has performed at:
The Head of Steam
The Comedy Store Manchester
Stamps Bistro
Killforaseat comedy (various venues)
BBC Radio 5
Radio Merseyside
The Buzz, Manchester
Alexander's, Chester
One Man Show, Buxton Fringe Festival

Writer (as part of a team)
Spitting Image
Hale & Pace
Game / People show optioned by Zenith T.V
Local radio; various
Contributor to Viz, Fortean Times

Hosted two workshops on comedy / writing (including festival opener); Writing on the Wall Festival 2003

From "Buxton Fringe Review 2003"

"All Liverpudlians are comedians and it was therefore not really a surprise to find that scouser Graeme Kenna is a very funny man with some bright original material.

In the Old Club House a highly appreciative audience greeted Graeme's late night show. There was plenty to laugh at .especially the chat room where a Welshman and a Scouser discover that they are both posing as lesbians.

The comedy sent us home feeling good."