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Richie Morris

Give a man a joke and he will make his family laugh for a day.

Give a man the means to make his own jokes, and he will make his children, and his children's children laugh for generations to come.

Covering comedy clubs in his day job as a local journalist, Richie began pondering that age old question - what makes someone funny? And funny as in ha ha. Not funny looking.

After being invited to perform a ten minute set by one local comedy promoter, finding an answer to the question suddenly became all the more imperative.

Would a few gags about Princess Diana, 80's TV shows and the pitfalls of being a local reporter be enough?

Thankfully for Richie it seemed they were. He escaped the experiment unscathed and decided to embark on a journey. A journey right straight to the heart of the human psyche.

Will he discover the secret formula to make people laugh? Only time will tell. But as long as he is allowed to keep writing his own reviews he should be ok...