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Tommy Tucker

Was the late 60´s, when in the "sunny" Scotland on the city of Coatbridge was born the top Scottish comedian Tommy Tucker. As the years past and almost by accident, Tommy Tucker arrived in Gran Canaria for a two weeks holidays and without any previous plan those two weeks become a much longer period, so Gran Canaria and especially the beautiful resort of Puerto Rico has been his home for the last 14 years.

So, yes. Tommy Tucker career starts back in the year 1994 in Puerto Rico around the most important Irish Bars around the resort fourteen years ago. As the statement says "what is good, remains".

Not only is Tommy Tucker a top Scottish compere but also a fantastic golf player, at least, he has won few local competitions in Gran Canaria and needless to mention that he was the winner of the Atlantic Cup that took place in Puerto Rico Golf court on the winter of 2007. (see the pictures on the pictures gallery on this site).

Even it could sound ironic to be the compere of Dicey Reillys Irish Bar being Scottish but Tommy Tucker is linked to Ireland and all its traditions as his father is Irish (Westmeath), as Tommy Tucker usually mentions :

"Jesus was born in a stable, it doesn´t make him a horse"


1. Did you always do comedy?.   
    No it happened by accident, but I´ve always been funny.
2. Where do you come from ?
    I come from a town called Coatbridge outside Glasgow in the "sunny" Scotland.
3. Do you enjoy what you do?
    Yes, I love meeting people and having a laugh with them.
4.  Do people enjoy you?
    Don´t know you will have to ask them (I think so).
5.  How did Dicey Reilly´s come about?
   I had an idea and the location was right for an Irish Bar and the backing and the help of all the staff, we turned an empty Bar into the best and bussiest Irish Bar in Gran Canaria.
6. What´s your football team?
    Celtic , Celtic and only and forever Celtic. Hail, hail, the celts are here !!
7. How come you are Scottish and you are running an Irish Bar ?
    Along with Finbarr Noonan who comes from Cork the Celtic connection works well.
8. Do you have Irish connections ?
   Yes my father is Irish and my mother is Scottish.
9. Why do you think Dicey Reillys work so well ?
   Because we work together well with our customers and we´re all friends.
10. The Hoops Bar , why ?
   Easy, I´m a Celtic fan and once again thanks to the staff we made it the top Celtic Bar in Gran Canarias.