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Barry Hilton

International stand-up comedian BARRY HILTON, “The Cousin”, is without doubt one of the top comedians South Africa has ever seen. 

Hilton is an icon and - as many other comedians may agree - a role model in the entertainment industry.  Performing his original brand of humour, his sell-out shows are proof of his popularity.  

Say 'the cousin' and everybody knows exactly who you're talking about.  Barry Hilton is a household name in South Africa and audiences love his irrepressible sense of humour! 

He has the knack of taking every day situations and turning them into hilarious skits on stage. He entertains at the highest possible level without barbed prejudice, snide racism or crude language.  A skilful, generous and engaging entertainer, Barry pulls out all the stops for appreciative audiences in South Africa and abroad.
He was the first South African stand-up comedian to perform at the prestigious London comedy club, The Comedy Store.  So he’s obviously got the universal formula right! 

With this phenomenal success it's no surprise that he's been in the business for 30 years. 

Barry brings the houses down whenever he stands on stage. Without him even saying a word you laugh.  As Barry puts it, "I don't work out a routine or anything like that, I just say the first thing that comes into my mind while I am on stage. I love talking nonsense."  

His unique style of entertainment is also a real winner at corporate functions and events. He has also devised an exciting motivational concept for companies called “Laughter Factory” which shows employees how to bring more laughter into the workplace, and how success comes with laughter.

Barry is renowned not only for his comedy, but also for starring in commercials (really funny ones) and giving them a certain sense of South African-ness.  “The Cousin” has also featured in several television shows, two movies and his work has been captured on DVD and CD.