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Chubby 'D' Brown Experience

"A Comedian uses a joke to make people laugh - A Comic has a natuaral talent"

Dion Griffiths, aka Big D has been performing his tribute to Roy "Chubby" Brown for many years, and is ready to share his masterpiece with the rest of the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. The 75 - 90 minuite tribute show, The Chubby 'D' Brown Experience, is widely regarded as the number one tribute show to Roy "Chubby" Brown, receiving excellent reviews wherever he performs.

The Chubby 'D' Brown Experience is widley regarded as the most authentic tribute to Roy Chubby Brown. Big D Captures the "comic" side of chubby's greatest gags, bawdy ballads, dirty ditties and a spectical infamus
exposing finale, which is performed with thorough attention to detail capturing the authentic aspects of Roy "Chubby" Brown, (The dance, the look, the accent) which sounds and recreates a visual double and style of
the origional fat bastard of comedy.

NOTE:- Big D is regarded as one of the best tributes, as he comes fully contained with a quality PA system, replica costume, quality sound - *AND IS THE ONLY CHUBBY BROWN TRIBUTE TO HAVE A REPLICA GRAND PIANO AND A BACKDROP ON STAGE* - Which creates the ultimate chubby atmosphere.

This show can come with an optional disco and supporting act.

"Big D, as Chubby 'D' Brown is the undisputed King of politically incorrect comedy. This outstandingly funny adult comedy tribute show is a must see."

"Brought the house down with his hilarios act as Chubby D Brown"