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Lisa Deville

Lisa Deville a relative newcomer to the comedy circuit, with an impressive array of expletives in her vocabulary - and she isn’t afraid to use them! Ballsy, crude, but personable humour, not for the faint hearted. Recently she has been described by fellow comedians as ‘The thinking man’s Dyson’.

Lisa’s comedy draws from a troubled childhood and even more disturbing teenage life, mixed in with the heady cocktail of marriage & separation, literally no subject is off limits! Lisa is often heard to proclaim ‘I don’t tell jokes!’ Insisting that all her stories are 100% accurate and that her life really is just that ‘F**ked up!’

Lisa has a Show in Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2013 entitled ‘Fourplay’ – The Ride-her Cup. She shares the stage with 3 other comedians and vents her spleen on motherhood and the fallacy that is Buzz Lightyear.

Recently she has done more private work/fundraisers as well as trawling the West Midlands Comedy Circuit and is expanding far and wide, fast and furiously, coming soon to London, Leeds and beyond…

She’s confident, she’s bubbly and she’s fearless in the subjects she tackles and on a couple of occasions I nearly spat my beer across the room – Si Chadwick/Bo Dudley
Tonight she owned the stage. Lisa is a big lady with a big personality – Dave Dinsdale

Finalist and 2nd place winner at the Hereford Comedy festival 2012
Finalist in The Road House Competition for Glastonbudget Festival 2013 (results tba)