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Manos the Greek

Originally from Greece, Manos has been living in the UK for the past 18 years (still has the sexy accent!). He started performing stand-up comedy in 2006 and to date he has done more than 700 gigs including: South Bank Centre - (Arthur Smith’s Curious Evening); Colchester Arts Centre; Havant Arts Centre; Shoreham Arts Centre and Stereolab in Singapore.

Manos is currently doing paid 10 and 20 minute gigs for Mirth Control, Laughing Horse, Spiky Mike and other promoters throughout the country and abroad. He has featured recently on BBC Radio 4 and World Service.

He is based in London and Somerset.

Malcolm Hardee Award 2010, Nominee
You Must Be Joking 2009, Finalist
Hackney Empire - New Act 2008, Finalist

“Manos is very good. And he has the only truly funny Susan Boyle joke I have heard” Kate Copstick –THE SCOTSMAN, 2010

“Manos is a friendly, funny and well spirited man…. See Manos, laugh and learn something along the way” THREE WEEKS, 2010

"Manos totally blew my very discerning ex-pat audience away. He is a great act and really made a lot of people's night. His jokes come thick and fast and get great belly laughs” Quill Potter, Promoter, SINGAPORE, 2010

“Very entertaining!” SAPPHO MUSES, 2010

“Manos plays the stereotype card cleverly, flirting with popular Greek myths before deftly dismissing them as the nonsense they are. Catch him now, before his inevitable promotion to head waiter.” THE SCOTSMAN, 2009

“Manos is the funniest Greek waiter in the world, and that is a proper accolade” Arthur Smith, 2008