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Kerry Leigh

Often mistaken for an Antipodean (she is in fact Manchester-born), Kerry was sent to Australia as a convict when she was just 9 years old for heinous crimes against fashion. After sneaking back into the country in a crate of Chinese fireworks in the millennium she soon became frustrated that no one would laugh at her jokes in the office and began dabbling in stand up comedy in 2002 so that people would take her more seriously.

In 2004 Kerry was invited to Edinburgh as a Semi-finalist in Channel 4's 'So You Think You're Funny' competition but didn't reach the final after wearing inappropriate footwear in her performance ('That's the only time I've actually had my shoes heckled'). She got back on the comedy horse and galloped all the way to the final of 2005's Citylife Comedian of the Year competition, reviewed here by Citylife writer Marissa Burgess:

"...Kerry Leigh displayed a beautifully sardonic edge to express an inventive and refreshing set with an occasional unexpected surreal moment."

As resident compere at Manchester's highly acclaimed 'Laughing Cows' comedy night, Kerry has the confidence to take on any crowd with her dry wit and original material. She is also a regular co-host on ALL FM's weekly drive time show with Caroline Rennie, and is a member of the successful all-female improvisation group '4 Blondes and a Blackhead.'