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Jamie McGowan

"Instantly likeable and a complete natural on stage... annoyingly promising!"
-Robin Morgan, Chortle award winning Buffalo Comedy


Jamie McGowan has been regularly gigging on the Welsh comedy circuit since April 2014, since then he has become a firm favourite with audiences and a compere held in high regard. Jamie is a whirlwind of energy, confidence and cheeky charm, whisking the audience into a frenzy of cheesy one liners, anecdotes and silliness. A confident MC, Jamies natural charm and likeability makes him an ideal host, his quick wit and energy make him a superb opener.

Notable gigs include -
Glee Club Cardiff - Welsh Unsigned Stanup Award Grand final
Glee Club Cardiff - Hobgoblin comedy competition
Buffalo Comedy - Supporting The Noise Next Door
Hahas @ Hobos - Paid open & Support of Dan Mitchells Fringe preview
Drones Comedy - Chapters arts Theatre
Piste off comedy - Face 11
The Comedy Den - Porters
Scallywags - The Strand Cheltenham & The Red Lion Leamington
Caterpillar Comedy - Gwdihw, regulary booked
Resident compère and host - Nolton Comedy - Bridgend,
Resident compere and host - Masa Comedia professional Comedy Club - Cardiff

Radio credits -
Co-host for weekly standup comedy show Masa Comedia on Radio Cardiff

Quotes -
“In a hail of noise and thunderous gesticulation Jamie sweeps you to the edge of your seat with a charismatic gravitational pull so immense that only a personality of galactic proportions can command. The whole shebang complemented by a gag rate that fits in deliciously with the ability to ebb and flow an audiences experience, showing off a natural comedy brain with existential powers.” - Scott Fitzgerald, Cardiff Comedy Festival/WUSA founder

“MC's a room as though he has been doing it for 20 years - Amazing funny stories that all men can relate to” - Russell Creemer, Nolton Comedy

"Approaches comedy in much the same manner as the organisers of the Rio Carnival approach a parade. Its brash, its bold and fireworks are likely to go off at any minute. In short - dazzling." - David Owens, Wales Online